About Component X Software

Component X Software is a consultancy run by Antony Pinchbeck, A software developer with over 30 years experience.

His software career began writing 8085 assembly language back when floppy disks were


Antony focuses on the design and implementation of performant applications

He has extensive knowledge of developing complex systems and has worked with a host of companies from startups to household names. These have involved projects including Flight simulators, TCAS simulation, Car Finance systems, Door access control, Exam marking systems and Reservoir simulation.

Antony has programmed in C/C++ for 17 years and C# for 10 years. He has used Python and Ruby/Rails in action on more than one occasion.

Since 2016 he has been working on a Door Access system, written in Elixir

I also authored several articles for ‘Overload’ a magazine published by the ACCU