Lynx - A simple Plug based web framework

  • Antony Pinchbeck
  • 2018-03-20
  • Elixir


I wanted a very simple website but I also wanted to explore Plug. The result is what you are reading now. Easily maintained. No database, no login, no forgotten passwords…

First some hat tipping:

My framework is an extension of the two for how I want to work and develop a simple website. It is not meant to be a framework for non programmers.


It has been fun. The project took about 3 days to write and I have discovered that Plug is very powerful. If you do not need all that Phoenix gives you, maybe Plug is for you.

The framework supports:

  • Static pages such as “/contact” and “/about”

  • Dynamix pages such as “/articles/my-tile” and “/articles/projects/…”

  • Custom error pages, 404 etc

  • Etags for all files involved in a render

  • Support for .html, .html.eex and markdown files

  • Module reloading in development mode

  • Browser refresh on file changes in development mode

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Lynx: 2.4.0